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Moments & Musings
So Justin and I both really liked this place.

- $1000 total
- includes tables, chairs, kitchen, grand piano, coat room, staff
person, use of their sound system, and total access to the entire
museum, including their permanent exhibits and rooms where the wedding
party can change and get ready
- no preferred caterer list, so we can use anyone we want
- can seat 150 people with small dance floor and buffet space

- street parking in Andersonville
- crappy sound system
- some concern about crowding when everyone is there - we are hoping
to see it when there are tables and chairs set up

Basically, we were impressed by how nice and accommodating the
curator, Karin, was. She was clearly not out to nickel-and-dime
anyone; we were amazed by how much stuff was included and blown away
that she was perfectly alright with guests exploring the museum during
the reception. The gallery had been cleared out in anticipation of an
event they are having there tomorrow. Normally it has an exhibit in
it. She said that the artwork would remain on the walls, but if there
were floor-based displays they would be moved.

So yeah, very successful outing today.

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Weird. It's been so long. I think I forgot how to do this.

I rediscovered livejournal recently after finishing the last season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. I was searching for fanfiction, surprise surprise.

It's like 10:30. I'm not sure what made me write this, but maybe I'm interested in keeping a journal again. Not sure. It's been a while.
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My God, he totally owned Sarah and Matt. I mean, wow. Awesome.
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So I'm sitting here with Justin talking and a little drunk and all of a suden I'm on the floor. My fucking computer chair's metal fucking warped and fucking broke off so the chair literally gell apart under me.

Fucking chair.
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Very cool. In comparison the Hillary Clinton one is excruciatingly painful. Okay, it's like that even when NOT compared. Ouch.

The McCain spoof one is hilarious though.

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So this is hilarious.

Has anyone seen that kids show with the little girl Lola? She has an older brother named Charlie and this little boy Harry sounds just like her. I was cracking up.

In other amusing news, I voted today. That's not the funny part, but what I thought was funny was that there was this guy outside the school handing out little cards with the people he wanted you to vote for on them. Now, I've seen that in lots of places... but the generally accepted method is to hand them out BEFORE someone votes, not when they're leaving.

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Wow what a scam. So next year, right, TV will be broadcast digitally, so everyone will need a converter box who doesn't already get digital cable. That's NEXT YEAR. I called RCN tonight to cancel the landline phone service Dustin got for some inexplicable reason, and the lady on the phone wanted me to get the converter box now.

I'm all for getting it early. But the government is issuing coupons to people to buy converter boxes FREE. RCN wants to charge me the low low price of $2.95 per month to rent one, when it's not even mandated until next year.

Thing is... I bet a lot of people who aren't informed about this fall for it and end up paying all kinds of money to rent something they don't even need for another year. I did the research for my Grandmother and she should be getting her coupons soon.
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Heath Ledger died. My mind is blown.

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If anyone knows of something that is going on in Chicago on the above date, tell me. I'm trying to ruin Christmas for myself.

That is all.


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Vice City is so much easier when you cheat and get a tank. But I still can't manage to break that dude out of the police station. I have grenades and a shotgun, but neither are particularly good for closed, indoor spaces swarming with cops.

On the flip side, my Taxi company is now making me money. So add that to my Estate and I'm getting $10000 every ten minutes or so of play time.
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